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Dr. Kim in the News

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Chicago with Dr. John Kim

Dr. Kim is a Board-Certified plastic surgeon at Northwestern and Prentice Women's Hospital. He was educated at Harvard and Stanford with dual degrees in Medicine and Literature.

Dr. Kim is a nationally recognized innovator in Plastic Surgery. He and his work have been featured on CNN, ABC News, and other media outlets. He has written over 180 articles and chapters and holds 11 patents on novel medical devices.

Dr. Kim has a busy clinical practice in downtown Chicago at Northwestern and he has performed over 5000 surgical procedures over the last decade.

His primary clinical focus is on reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery (including complex secondary breast reconstruction and breast revision surgery, and BRCA and breast cancer reconstruction), facial rejuvenation procedures, and body contouring surgery following pregnancy or weight loss.

Dr. Kim is a firm believer in achieving a natural aesthetic that is customized to the patient’s specific needs and desires. His artistic and technical philosophy entails avoiding an unnatural “operated on” look. Working at Northwestern Memorial and Prentice Women’s Hospital, he is able to deliver beautiful results in the context of world-class facilities with a heightened focus on patient safety.

"It is an honor to be able to help my patients achieve their own unique and natural brand of change. Whether the challenge is aesthetic or reconstructive, I feel blessed to have the technical and artistic talents to provide a positive, healthy transformation to those in need."

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Dr. John Kim featured on CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

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Clips from Dr. Kim’s Breast Surgery course
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