Deep plane facelift for men Chicago

Most men hope to age like a fine wine, but many struggle with looking older than their years with premature wrinkles, loose skin, and hollow facial features. Deep plane facelift for men restores a younger appearance while preserving a natural masculine appearance that does not appear overly tightened. The surgical technique goes beyond the SMAS musculature to remodel deeper attachments of the face for a youthful facial appearance. Dr. John Kim, MD, FACS, offers male deep plane facelift in Chicago at Northwestern Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 

What Is Deep Plane Facelift? 

Deep plane facelift is a facelift surgery technique that releases ligaments, repositions tissues, and removes excess skin. The procedure lifts the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) in the midface. This approach maintains the mobilization of the superficial soft tissue (SMAS). This technique places tension at the level of the fascia to achieve a soft, supple appearance that appears natural and lasts long-term. Deep plane facelift can address buccal fat pad and malar fat pad descension that contribute to jowling and provides dramatic and sustainable facial rejuvenation for the mid-face and lower face. 

The deep plane facelift procedure typically takes two to three hours under general anesthesia. Dr. Kim will place the incisions where they will preserve the natural hairline of the beard. Generally, deep plane facelift incisions start in the hairline at the temples and stretch in front of the ear and around the back of the ear to the scalp. The surgeon loosens and lifts the SMAS to separate it from the deeper tissues. 

Male deep plane facelift Chicago

The ligaments under the SMAS have a firm hold on the lower face and cheeks and secure the aging tissues in a position that makes you look older. Dr. Kim releases these ligaments to lift the tissues and fat pads higher on the facial bone structure and positions the SMAS over the elevated tissues. Dr. Kim sutures the skin in the raised position and anchors it above the ear. Releasing the ligaments allows for more dramatic results with a youthful facial shape and better definition in the lower face. Deep plane facelift also releases the neck bands and anchors the neck tissues higher for better jawline definition. 

Deep plane facelift is a detailed technique that requires a talented plastic surgeon with a thorough understanding of the facial anatomy who knows how to maintain the integrity of the facial nerves. Dr. Kim has helped many men and women take 10 to 15 years off their appearance with this surgical approach.  

Candidates for Male Deep Plane Facelift 

Men in their late 30s and older may consider deep plane facelift if they are non-smokers and in good overall health. Deep plane facelift redistributes fat, smooths skin, and increases self-confidence. 

Male deep plane facelift is best for men with moderate to severe facial wrinkles caused by decreased skin elasticity and collagen. These age-related changes may happen faster for some men with more exposure to UV light, smoke, or poor diet. Stress, genetics, and other factors can also affect how you age. You may be a good fit for this facelift technique if you have loose facial skin, fat descension, nasolabial folds, and other age-related facial changes.

Male vs. Female Deep Plane Facelift 

Men and women have distinct structural differences in their faces, and male deep plane facelift is performed slightly differently from female facelift. Plastic surgeons must consider men’s facial hair when they address concerns in the mid- and lower face to ensure the incisions do not disrupt hair follicles or cause scarring that can interrupt hair regrowth. The male procedure camouflages these incisions so short hair does not reveal visible scarring along the hairline. 

Women have weaker facial structures, which makes it easier to adjust these tissues. Men have heavier, thicker skin, especially on the lower face, jaw, and neck. Neck fat in men is more fibrous than in women, and men have more arteries, veins, and other vascular elements than women. 

Men and women tend to have opposite goals for deep plane facelift results. Men want more facial definition with sharper features. In contrast, women desire a softer, smoother face and neck appearance. Male cheeks are flatter and less prominent than the round, full cheeks associated with a feminine appearance. Deep plane facelift techniques must consider the structural and tissue differences between male and female patients. 

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