Payment information


The quoted prices for cosmetic procedures and surgeries include the following: surgeon fees, anesthesia fees, hospital fees and post-operative visits. If your surgeon considers your procedure to be cosmetic in nature, you will be responsible for paying the balance in full 2 weeks before surgery. If you book your surgery less than 2 weeks from the surgery date, then payment is due in full.  The hospital and anesthesia charges are estimated based on the length of time it takes to complete your procedure as determined by your surgeon. The patient is responsible for all hospital and anesthesia fees associated with the procedure and will be charged in the event of any overages.

 Non-refundable deposit

We strive to allow all patients to schedule surgery in an efficient and timely manner. A non-refundable deposit of $500 or 10% of the surgeon’s fee (whichever is greater) is required at the time any cosmetic surgery is scheduled. This deposit will reserve an operating room on the physician’s surgical schedule.


Our office partners with Care Credit for to offer financing options for the surgeon fee portion of your cosmetic procedure. Required minimum amounts may apply.  If requirements are met and Care Credit is used, we offer 12 months no interest. For more information, visit

Forms of payment

Checks and all major credit cards are accepted.

Cancellation policy

Consultation appointment

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please notify the office as soon as possible. If you do not come to your scheduled consultation appointment and do not notify the office in advance, a fee of $150 may be required in order to reschedule.


We understand that a situation may arise that could require you to postpone your surgery. Please understand that such changes affect not only you and the surgeon, but other patients as well. If you cancel and/or reschedule surgery less than 30 days before the scheduled surgery time, 50% of the surgeon’s fee will be required as a deposit for future booking. The choice to reschedule any patient is at the discretion of the physician.

Cosmetic surgery not for medical reasons

If your surgeon considers your procedure to be cosmetic in nature, you will be responsible for paying for the procedure out of pocket 2 weeks before your surgery date. You will not be reimbursed in any case. Insurance will not be notified for coverage.

 Mohs procedures and breast cancer reconstruction procedures are usually considered to be medically necessary. Your insurance will be notified and coverage is based on your individual insurance policy’s plan.

Combination (combo) surgeries 

If your surgeon considers a part of your surgery to be cosmetic and another part for medical reasons, you will be responsible for paying for the cosmetic portion of your surgery. Payment in full is required 2 weeks before surgery. Insurance will not be notified for coverage for this portion of surgery. The total charge for the part of surgery done for medical reasons will be sent to your insurance for coverage.

Insurance information

If you think you’ll be using insurance for all or part of your procedure, please visit the following website to confirm that your insurance plan is accepted at our office:

Coverage is based on your individual insurance policy’s plan. Please note, however, this does not guarantee 100 percent coverage by insurance. It is always your responsibility to understand your plan’s terms and conditions and coverage details. You are responsible for what insurance does not cover depending on your deductible and/or coinsurance. Contact the member services number on the back of your insurance card for an explanation of your benefits.