Dear Patient,

We always strive to provide the very best experience and results for our patients. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and look forward to reading about your experience with our practice.

Dr. Kim is an artist and wonderful surgeon. Dr. Kim performed a bilateral upper blepharoplasty in March of 2011. I have been so pleased with the results and would recommend Dr. Kim’s expertise to any colleague or friend for surgery. As we discussed during the consultation the results were subtle but refreshing and I have received many compliments over the past 18 months. In addition to his professional warmth and clear expertise, Dr. Kim’s team at the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation (NMFF) Plastic Surgery Clinic are professional, knowledgeable and provide a personal touch. I would return to this practice in a heartbeat for any additional procedures.

Anne D. Chicago, IL

I went to Dr. Kim since I wanted to go through breast reduction. I was very nervous since this is an elective surgery and I was not sure whether I wanted to go through it. Dr. Kim was very detailed and thorough and he went through the entire procedure with me. He even helped me go through the Insurance process! I got the surgery done and I did have some minor complications (skin rashes at the incision site). But, 6 months after the surgery, I am very satisfied with the results. Do look at the before and after pictures since everyone heals differently. It is a surgery so please make sure you read up on all the risks.

Kathy D

After losing a great deal of weight I decided to make a visit to Dr Kim. I never thought I would be the plastic surgery type but after seeing photos of myself and seeing all my loose skin I decided it couldn’t hurt to have a consultation. He knew exactly what I needed. What I liked best was there was no pressure. It took me several months to come up with the courage to make a date for surgery. Everyone in the office from the person that greets you, to the nurses to Melissa who schedules your appointments treats you like a friend. I always felt comfortable and well taken care of. I had a thighplasty and a brachiolplasty. I am so happy with my results and could not recommend Dr. Kim any more.

Elizabeth C

I had weight loss surgery a number of years ago and was left with some extra skin and areas of fat that I couldn’t get rid of with exercise. Dr. Kim performed a breast reductionliposuction and a tummy tuck on me and the results were amazing. Dr. Kim has a very quiet and calm demeanor and makes one feel comfortable with him right away. He explained my options to me and answered every question I had about my procedures prior to surgery. He even responded quickly to email with questions I had. His staff is also super friendly and helpful. I feel like they all really care about their patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone needing any kind of plastic surgery.

Elayne K.
Chicago, IL

Dr Kim and the entire staff were beyond patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. After having my first baby and breastfeeding, my breasts almost completely diminished. I was apprehensive about getting a breast aug, but everyone that I dealt with in his office calmed my nerves. I couldn’t be happier about my results!!! I’m so happy with how wonderful my breasts look now! From consultation to pre op to post op Dr Kim and his staff were there for me, patiently answering all of my questions and concerns. I definitely recommend Dr Kim to anyone looking to enhance or restore their natural appearance!!

Betty L.
Chicago, IL

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Kim! After a huge weight loss, I was left with a lot of excess skin. He did my thighplasty and tummy tuck with amazing results. I almost cried when the procedures were over and I saw my new stomach and thighs. He also has a very pleasant personality and very a soothing, calming way of thoroughly explaining what the procedure will entail. For your cosmetic surgery needs, Dr. John Kim is your man!

Marguerite T.
Chicago, IL

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Kim and his entire staff. Dr. Kim is thoughtful and thorough and takes time personally to make sure you feel completely educated about any procedure you are considering. You do not feel at all pressured or rushed. After my consultation I scheduled and appointment immediately for my breast augmentation. I felt very confident that i was making the right choice. I came to Dr. Kim because he was highly recommended from a friend of my mothers.

The procedure that I had was a breast augmentation with a breast lift. I knew that my breast augmentation was not going to be standard because I had tubular breast with sagging, due to a large amount of weight loss. I ended up choosing to go with a 400cc high profile silicon memory gel implant.

The day of surgery finally came around and I was expecting to be very nervous, but to my surprise I was clam. His staff were all so calming and pleasant, it really relaxed me tremendously. The surgery went very smoothly and my recovery was even smoother. It took me about a day and a half to be up and walking around and back to normal. I was in shock by that. I was expecting to be in bed for about a week.

The final result is AMAZING!! I couldn’t be happier with my augmentation. They look so natural and perfect. I would recommend Dr. Kim to anyone who is looking to have the best experience and final result 110%. Dr. Kim is truly an artist.

Chicago, IL

I had an incredible experience with Dr. Kim and his office staff (especially his coordinator Melissa and nurse Ashley). I needed breast surgery due to severe asymmetry. My left and right breasts were nearly a pound different in size. I developed severe shoulder pain, finger numbness and deep grooves in my shoulders from my bra. My breast surgery would be a reduction on one side and a lift on the other so that my breasts would match. During my initial consult, Dr. Kim focused on my breasts and told me what was possible in an honest, professional manner. He clearly stated what my expectation should be and I was happy he was so honest with what he could do. After my initial visit, I decided that since I would be “going under” I would also have my stomach tightened (I’ve had several children). I met with Dr. Kim a second time and he never pushed me into having my tummy tuck, but also explained what was possible and how I would look after I was done.

In the meantime, I interviewed 7, yes SEVEN, other surgeons to make sure that I was in the right hands for this surgery.

There were several reasons I picked Dr. Kim after my search. The combination of his bed side manner (I was soooo nervous and he made me trust in him), the technique he stated he was going to use during my surgery and his attentive office staff made me 100% sure that his office was where I wanted to be. I truly feel that if I have a problem, I would always be able to reach someone and they would help me.

First, Dr. Kim is confident, calm and kind. He is not arrogant or rude like some of the other doctors I met. He held my hand while I cried over how horrible my breasts looked and gave me a hug to comfort me. I felt like he knew how miserable I was and would do everything he could to fix me after our first meeting.

His technique was also something I thought a lot about. I was thrilled when he told me I would only have two drains for my tummy tuck and no compression garment. My stomach was so sore after my tummy tuck, I could not imagine having to deal with a compression garment on top of the pain I was in. I was also miserable with the two drains that were placed during my surgery. Other doctors had suggested I have six drains placed, so I was very happy to only have to deal with two. I was also told to shower every day. Some doctors don’t let you shower till your drain tubes come out and there is no way I was willing to go a week or more without a shower!

In terms of pain management, Dr. Kim provided a lidocaine pump and managed my pain level well. My first few days post op were a pain free haze that was a true blessing. I went into the surgery expecting the worst pain I had ever had and my pain level post op was no where near what I had anticipated (mostly due to the pain pump). I had no breast pain and the pain in my stomach was remedied by the pain killers and pain pump combo.

I had several very minor issues during my recovery. I had been previously given nurse Ashley’s email and snapped a pic with my cell phone and emailed her about my concern. The time, 6am. She replied at 6:15am. I don’t know if this was a fluke or what, but I really REALLY appreciated her speedy reply!! I was SHOCKED and deeply thankful for the level of care I was given.

Coordinator Melissa also showed what an amazing office Dr. Kim has when she went full force against my insurance company for me. She spent hours calling and following up with them as they tried to deny my claim. She fought with incredible perseverance and eventually my claim was approved. She was the perfect mix of friend and advocate and I looked forward to seeing her at my visits.

To sum up my experience, I went to Dr. Kim feeling like a deformed woman who was incredibly self conscience with her body. I have been transformed into a “normal” person by Dr. Kim…a pretty miraculous feat!

I saw a little segment during my recovery (on CNN) that stated Plastic Surgeons have the lowest level of job satisfaction among doctors due to the hours they must work….I hope this is not true for Dr. Kim. I hope he realizes how he has changed my life and how I will forever be thankful to him.

Chicago, IL

Only 12 days ago, I had a facelift and upper and lower eyelid lift done by Dr. Kim. I feel so blessed to be his patient. I never thought I would do this, but with his help I did and even less than 2 weeks, people are complimenting me and I have been asked for 2 dates! Dr. Kim is medically speaking, technically gifted. Dr. Kim, also, attends to the psychological aspects of this kind of surgery. He is a very warm and kind person who treats the total patient. You are not a number with him and his fabulous staff. I had this chin lift, mid-face lift and double eye lift at NMH where the staff did not miss one beat in terms of attending to me, to pain control and emotional support. Dr. Kim’s office staff are very competent people, both nurses (Ashley and Lindsey) and Administrator (Melissa). I had phone and email support from the staff and they responded to all requests immediately.

Everyday I looked better, more refined and am healing well. Dr. Kim is a physician, surgeon and an artists. He knew exactly how much to lift and to make it very natural. One person told me that I “looked great” and that something was different about me. He asked if I had changed my hair style”? That is how natural this is. I would recommend Dr. Kim at anytime and feel lucky that I found him.

Roz B.
Chicago, IL

I just completed my forth cosmetic surgery with John Kim . All these surgeries have been within 5 years. I cannot say enough what a great professional caring doctor he is. He is always on time with each of my apts and if I have more questions after leaving his office his assistant Melissa always returns my call. The staff is extremely kind and very helpful. Dr Kim is by far one of the best doctors I have ever worked with.

Dana S.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Kim is the best! Not only does he have a gentle bedside manner, he also explains any questions you have very clearly.

I had a thighplasty and tummy tuck done by Dr. Kim, and I was amazed at the results.

Now I love to look at my reflection in the window as I walk down the street. In the past I would avert my eyes and avoid looking at all costs.
Thank you Dr. Kim!

Chicago, IL

I saw Dr. Kim two years ago upon referral for a breast augmentation. I consulted with several plastic surgeons before settling with Dr. Kim. I believe it is important to share this information because I have seen so many women with horrible results from augmentation. Dr. Kim did a fantastic job! My results were natural and beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr. John Kim for his artistry and compassion. It can be very intimidating to discuss yourself. Dr. Kim made me feel comfortable with the process. I continue to visit Dr. Kim for botox and have always had the same pleasant experience.

Meredith O.
Chicago, IL

have seen Dr. Kim for over 3 years for Botox injections and highly recommend him to anyone who wants to look 10 years younger in 24 hours. Dr. Kim is honest and very reputable. He only performs surgery on clients he feels will truly benefit from his skills and talent. He does not recommend unnecessary procedures. He is compassionate and caring. He is a true professional with outstanding skills. He can make anyone look younger and feel more confident. If you or anyone you know feels the need to improve their appearance, Dr. Kim has the skill and experience to enhance ones appearance. I highly recommend him as one of the best surgeons in the Chicagoland area.

Suzie T.
Orland Park, IL

My earring ripped out time ago. I finally decided to have it repaired. I was pretty nervous as I had a rip in my ear for so long. He really made me comfortable, and the only painful part was the lidocaine shot. He was very professional but was able to joke around, which many doctors lack nowadays. The whole procedure took about 15 minutes. It is about a month healed and already looks just the way I wanted it. I never imagined being able to wear earrings again, 3 more months and I can!!

Kristen J.
Greenville, NC

Breast reconstruction is a very complex surgery and it requires a physician who is dedicated to his patients and skillful in his surgical skills. With all of the surgeons, physicians and staff involved in my care following the diagnosis of breast cancer, Dr. Kim showed such kindness, professionalism and respect to me as a person, it truly enhanced my experience and alleviated much of my anxiety. Dr. Kim and his staff have been the most comforting part of my care. Thank you to Dr. Kim and your staff.

Judith M

After being diagnosed with breast cancer and wondering what kind of reconstruction I should do, I consulted with Dr Kim. He explained the different types and the whole reconstruction process, which made me feel very positive about the whole experience. He really put my mind at ease answering every question I had, even gave me his email address so if I had more questions he was there for me, which I did have, and he answered very promptly. His staff is wonderful, always greeting you with a smile and being very helpful. Now after 7 months the process is almost finished and let me tell you, I am extremely happy with the outcome so far. Dr Kim you are awesome, what a talented surgeon!!

Diane M

The day I learned I had breast cancer and needed a mastectomy, I literally ran to Dr.Kim’s office. Not only did he immediately schedule time with me, his caring staff comforted me through the worst crisis and day of my life. To say I was in shock was an understatement.

For the past three years I have seen Dr. Kim for botox and other facial injections. I trust him with my life.

What can I say about Dr. Kim? He is thoughtful, compassionate, caring and brilliant. He has an approachable, humorous, elegant style.

Knowing I now had a long journey ahead of me, Dr. Kim became my thought partner. He answered all my questions about breast reconstruction, next steps, and guided my decisions.

Dr. Kim’s remarkable staff: Melissa (administrator), Ashley and Lindsey (nurses), and Caitlin (Research Associate) are the most professional team I have worked with. They also thoughtfully responded to all my emails and phone calls.

My silver lining: Dr. Kim gave me perfectly matched, Goddess breasts. Better and bigger than I originally had, while proportionate to my body. Medically, he is a gifted artist and sculptor and the only surgeon I would consider.

I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Kim. He is distinctive.

Chicago, IL

I am from a family with a lot of cancers, one of which was breast cancer from my mom, sister and maternal aunt. So when my breast started to ‘misbehave’ (atypical ductal hyperplasia), I knew the wait and see approach wasn’t a good answer for me. Two friends from my neighborhood had dealt with breast cancer and had used the team of Bethke and Kim. I went running with my slides to Northwestern and was told that I could take my breasts now with no cancer and have an easier surgery or I could wait for cancer. It was a very hard decision for me as I really felt my natural breasts were pretty awesome. Dr. Kim was amazing in his reassurance he would do a great job on my new breasts and spent a lot of time helping me understand that with this surgery, I was leaving my worries for cancer in the operating room. It has been 3 months since my final reconstruction and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use Dr. Kim.

Beth T.
Chicago, IL

My experience with Dr. Kim and his staff is one that has exceeded my expectations in terms of expertise, kindness, genuine concern and professionalism.

Two brilliant surgeons at Northwestern Memorial Hospital were recommended to me after my mastectomy. I saw Dr. Kim first with the idea of meeting the other surgeon as a second opinion. I came to the appointment rather apprehensive because I didn’t know what to expect. After 35 minutes of talking with Dr. Kim and his assistant, Ashley, I was so taken in by his kindness, warmth and confidence that I cancelled and never saw the other surgeon nor did I seek any second opinion whatsoever.

Almost a year later, I am beyond pleased with the results. He and his staff gently guided me through the process of reconstruction and patiently answered my questions and addressed my concerns. Today, I am healthy and I look amazing. I thank Dr. Kim’s expertise, his kind thoughtful words of encouragement and his sweet gentle nature for helping me feel and look as great as I do today. I would equally have to applaud his staff and express my heartfelt gratitude for their kindness, warm hugs, humor (when I needed it) and professionalism. I confidently urge anyone seeking a true professional to meet Dr. Kim and his staff. My gratitude is beyond measure.

Elaine K.
Chicago, IL

I located Dr. Kim after suffering a miserable mastectomy surgical complication. I was looking for the best surgeon for my particular need. He is a master at his craft and a leader in the medical field for breast cancer patients. He was confident while being realistic as we discussed the possible solutions he could bring and the expected outcomes. I had bilateral latissimus flap reconstruction. He’s a perfectionist but with a caring and fun attitude which I consider to be the right mix. I absolutely loved his staff and can’t say enough great things about them. They are that good! My results are wonderful. Dr. Kim delivered what he promised. I am very pleased with the care I received and highly recommend him!

Lee S. Oak Park, IL

Dr. Kim did a latissimus flap breast reconstruction with a tissue expander for me after a right breast mastectomy for a recurrence of breast cancer. I had a relatively easy recovery from this procedure, as well as the surgery to exchange the tissue expander for a permanent implant. I have near perfect symmetry and the incision sites front and back are smooth and flat. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Nurses Ashley and Jeannine are the best, and so is his master scheduler, Melissa. And everyone is easy to get ahold of Dr. Kim responds to e-mail—quickly.

Beth R