One of the most celebrated beautiful Brazilian women, The Girl From Ipanema, had a special allure: “When she walks she’s like a samba,” the classic song remembers. And who would not remember the ideal Brazilian body type? Women around the world have embraced it, and many have sought the help of artistically gifted plastic surgeons to sculpt this sexy, enchanting look.

New Destinations

The Brazilian butt lift is the innovative surgical response to the demand for a fuller, contoured shape for the derrière, and an improved profile for the lower body. It uses fat from the hips, thighs or abdomen to add proportion and volume to the buttocks. Fat is harvested using liposuction, the proven surgical technique commonly used to shrink pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

In choosing Brazilian butt lift, you are cleverly outmaneuvering your own DNA. It is your genetic inheritance, after all, that largely determines the size and shape of the buttocks, your overall profile, and even how your body stores excess fat. Creating the Brazilian look without a surgical solution is difficult, as any weight gain you might attempt will be systemic: larger buttocks would come at the price of a wider waist.

Beautiful Contours

Adding volume is not the only goal of Brazilian butt lift; creating beautiful contours is equally important. As an experienced Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. John Kim is skilled in enhancing the body’s complex geometry of lines and curves. His work perfects proportion and balances symmetry. Each element of the body benefits from your new, fuller look.

Because Brazilian butt lift uses your own fat cells, it is a more natural and less invasive alternative to implants. The procedure is simple and convenient, free of implant-specific risks such as capsular contracture. The result tends to look and feel better, too. Implants may be advised for very slim patients who may not have sufficient fat to transfer, however.

Your Surgical Procedure — and Dazzling Premiere

During Brazilian butt lift, the fat harvested from pockets elsewhere on the body is purified and filtered. Although such transfers have been performed for many years, today’s technique is far more sophisticated than procedures done decades ago. Those fat transfers sometimes created lumps and asymmetry. Advanced plastic surgeons now use a small-particle version of your body’s natural fat that will become an integral part of your buttocks. As long as they have access to the blood supply, these living cells will thrive wherever they have been placed. A portion of the fat cells will be absorbed by the body, and skilled Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Kim will compensate for this during the transfer.

Dr. Kim performs Brazilian butt lift as an outpatient procedure, and offers general anesthesia, IV sedation or even local anesthetic, if preferred. Discomfort during recovery is minimal, but you will need to tolerate the inconvenience of not sitting or sleeping on your back for approximately two weeks. Patients must modify physical activity for about two months, but are typically able to return to work after 10 days.

You will be able to admire your final shape in about six months, and the results will be long-lasting. After many years fat cells will attenuate to a certain degree, and weight gain may also alter your body profile, but in general your new look — and samba-swaying attitude — are here to stay.

To learn more and determine if Brazilian butt lift is right for you, please contact our Chicago office today.