The Use of a Keller Funnel during Breast Augmentation

A Keller Funnel is device commonly used during the insertion of an implant during a breast augmentation procedure. It is a sterile cone shaped device made of a flexible, transparent, polymeric film that can accommodate a variety of implant shapes and sizes.

The Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery

After any surgical procedure comes a long list of discharge instructions. Some of which may include: take your medications, rest for a couple days, no exercise etc. Following a plastic surgery procedure it is common to be instructed to compress the area in which you just had surgery.

What Exactly are Tissue Expanders?

Tissue expanders are exactly what they sound like, they are medical devices that expand tissue. In the context of plastic and reconstructive surgery, tissue expanders more specifically are temporary, empty implants that are placed immediately following a mastectomy.

The Solution to Uneven Breasts

Women’s bodies are created in all different shapes and sizes including their breasts. Some women are born with asymmetrical breast shapes leaving them with one breast larger or smaller than the other.

The Scar Healing Process after Plastic Surgery

Scarring is an inevitable consequence of undergoing surgery. Although initial scarring may be a worry to some patients, the maturation of the scar is what physicians monitor over time to ensure proper healing and aesthetic outcomes.

Combination Cases in Plastic Surgery

A combined plastic surgery case is when multiple procedures occur during one surgical operation. That means one trip to the operating room and multiple cosmetic or non-cosmetic procedures done at once!

Preventative Botox

Stereotypically, Botox and other anti-aging treatments are thought of as treatments for those who have begun to show the tell-tale signs of aging: crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, smile lines, ect. Anti-aging treatments are one of the most common plastic procedures due to their minimally invasive nature and quick recovery.

Black Box Warning – Safety Requirements for Breast Implants

Recently, the FDA released augmented safety requirements for breast implants as the result of updated study findings. Implants now must come with a black box warning and companies must disclose the specific materials used in implants and may only sell implants to healthcare providers who cover the potential risks associated with breast implants.

Using Sculptra in a Butt Lift

Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss can all affect the perkiness and plumpness of the butt. A butt lift can serve to restore some of the youthful fullness that has been lost.