Last week Dr. Kim was invited to speak at the Society of Surgical Oncology’s Annual Cancer Symposium. SSO 2018 had over 1,800 attendees who were able to share ideas and innovations relating to surgical oncology. The Symposium featured an educational program that covered research developments, clinical trials, new technology, and future trends. Dr. Kim was asked to speak on new trends in radiation and reconstruction. He presented a talk entitled “The Impact of Radiation on Timing and Method of Breast Reconstruction,” in which he delved into the diverse interactions between radiation and breast cancer reconstruction.

In the process of breast cancer reconstruction, the timing of radiation therapy can vary between pre-mastectomy radiation and post-mastectomy radiation. See the figures below for various timings of radiation in both implant-based reconstruction, as well as autologous flap-based reconstruction. Dr. Kim presented on the pros and cons of these various timings, and how timing affects the outcome of the reconstruction. Dr. Kim covered the clinical consequences that arise from cellular level alteration of vascularity and fibrosis due to radiation therapy. He explained different complications that can occur, as well as the techniques utilized to treat these complication, such as fat grafting. Dr. Kim’s presentation included the impact of radiation on the subpectoral versus the pre-pectoral implant placement. Finally, Dr. Kim showed the audience how the BRA Score ( can be utilized to better predict risk of radiation during breast cancer reconstruction, in order to enhance the accuracy of surgical decision making.

Tissue Expander- Implant Reconstruction

Autologous Flap Reconstruction