Many women consider undergoing a breast lift, to treat sagging or deflated breasts as a result of pregnancy or weight loss. A breast lift can restore firmness and provide a higher position of the breasts to be more aesthetically appealing. This is accomplished by removing excess skin and tightening the tissue to reshape and support the new breast shape. Although this procedure may improve breast shape and position, a breast lift will not be able to alter breast volume and achieve upper pole fullness in the way a breast augmentation is able to.

In many cases, women arrive at a plastic surgery clinic with the idea that all they need is a breast lift to lift their breasts and nothing more. Following consultation with a surgeon, they may discover that their body goals could be best met by a breast augmentation as well. Luckily these two surgeries can be combined into one surgery called a breast augmentation lift. Undergoing this procedure provides a completely new look for the breasts, producing a lifted, fuller, and rounder shape.  To determine if this combination procedure is right for you, you should ask yourself if you want larger breasts, higher and firmer breasts, or do you want both.

This surgery takes about three hours to perform and is under general anesthesia. The incision will vary on a case by case basis depending on the amount of skin removed to achieve the desired lift. Once the tightening is completed, the surgeon will create a pocket to accommodate the breast implant. After the implant is placed the breasts will be wrapped with bandages to assist with healing.

After a couple weeks the sensitivity of the breasts will disappear and you should begin to see your results! The scars will fade over time leaving you with beautiful breasts! A breast augmentation lift may be something you never thought of as many women believe they only need one or the other. The combination of these procedures however may be exactly what you need to achieve your body goals!

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