Capsular contracture is the term for the formation of scar tissue around a breast implant. This is your body’s natural immune response to segment off a foreign object, in this case your implant. In almost all breast implant patients, (whether saline or silicone) a thin layer of scar tissue will form. When that layer gets thick and firm however, patients find themselves with displeasing shape changes and excessively firm breasts. Another possible symptom is physical discomfort. Capsular contracture can be caused by a host of issues, namely trauma, infection, or bleeding at the implant site. For women with cancer, radiation treatment increases risk of capsular contracture.

To treat capsular contracture, Dr. Kim typically removes the capsule of scar tissue in its entirety (a procedure called a “capsulectomy”) or cuts into the scar tissue to relieve the tension (a “capsulotomy”). These corrective surgical options aim to restore soft, natural-feeling, flexible, symmetrical breasts. Dr. Kim is an expert is corrective surgery to alleviate capsular contracture.