Thigh lift surgery involves remodeling the thighs by reducing excess skin and fat from the area following weight loss. This procedure tightens tissues for tighter, firmer, and smoother lower body contour with improved tone. In many cases, weight control efforts are not enough to achieve your personal body goals and a thigh lift may be helpful in attaining your desired body image. However, a thigh lift is not a substitute for healthy weight loss and does not produce the same results as liposuction.

The procedure involves an incision either along the inner thigh or along the outer thigh in which the incision may span from the groin to the hip. A larger incision is required when the patient desires the outer thigh to be contoured in addition to the inner thigh. Each patient is different and during your consultation, your incision options will be discussed to determine which surgical option is right for you. In the case that a larger incision is required, advanced surgical techniques allow for the incision to be placed in a location not easily visible.

A good candidate for a thigh lift is someone who has reached a relatively stable weight while still retaining some excess soft tissue along the inner or outer thigh region. It is important that patients continue to practice a healthy lifestyle including good nutrition and fitness in order to reap the full benefits a thigh lift has to offer. Additionally, having realistic goals about the results of a thigh lift is crucial for all candidates to recognize.

Thigh lifts are traditionally performed as outpatient procedures, meaning you will only be in the hospital for 23 hours or less. After a few weeks most patients are able to resume most of their normal activities, including mild exercise. Once the swelling subsides a couple weeks following surgery, the tighter, smoother contours of your thighs will become visible. Over time the scars will fade and barely be visible. With a maintained weight, the positive results you will see from a thigh lift will last a lifetime!

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