Face Lift Chicago

A rhytidectomy, more commonly known as a face lift, is an operation to minimize the effects of sun exposure and the natural drooping of the skin as it loses elasticity with age. In this procedure, Dr. Kim will tighten muscles and skin while removing excess fat so that our face will appear younger and firmer. While a face lift is often performed under general anesthesia, if you are in good health and there are no potentially harmful interactions with any medication you’re prescribed, Dr. Kim can perform your face lift using local anesthesia. By using local anesthesia, this procedure can be performed without the risks of general or IV anesthesia. General anesthesia risks include a decrease in blood pressure which can contribute to post-operative complications and bruising. It also allows your body to maintain normal breathing instead of intubation by an anesthesiologist. The local anesthesia, called lidocaine, is injected with minimal discomfort so that you don’t experience pain during the procedure. This local anesthetic combined with a sedative medication will result in a painless and relaxed procedure. Though you will feel relaxed, not all patients fall completely asleep, but the sedative can block the creation of memories so you likely will not remember the experience. The sedative medication wears off quickly after the procedure is complete. If you elect to have a neck lift to accompany your face lift. This can also be done under local anesthesia at the same time as your face lift.

After your face lift with local anesthesia, you can expect bruising and swelling that will dissipate in about 3 weeks. To best care for your face after surgery, make sure that you apply SPF daily and minimize sun exposure to maintain your youthful look. A healthy and active lifestyle will also help maintain the results from your procedure.

Talk with Dr. Kim during your consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for a face lift under local anesthesia! Dr. John Kim is a renowned plastic surgeon in Chicago, and he will work closely with you during your consultation visit to plan your surgery for optimal results. He will personalize your consultation to create a plan to make you look your best.