Gummy bear implants are a new kind of breast implant that embody the traits of both saline and silicone breast implants. They are officially referred to as high strength silicone gel implants but commonly referred to gummy bear breast implants. The name of these implants was coined based on how they react when the implant is cut into. Gummy bear implants will retain their shape when cut and squeezed, preventing silicone from leaking out into the body.

While there is no liquid that can leak out of gummy bear implants, this does not mean that they are hard in any way. These semi solid breast implants are surprisingly soft to the touch. Additionally, gummy bear breast implants are not likely to have massive silicone gel bleeds like previously developed silicone implants and only have a small chance of rupture. While there is still silicone in them, the chance of silicone gel bleeds is very small. Tests were conducted to assess what would occur when if the implants were to bleed silicone and it was determined that it would be so miniscule that it would not be an issue.

Gummy bear implants can essentially be coined the fifth generation of breast implants with evidence demonstrating that they are a better option than the fourth generation of silicone breast implants and the third generation of saline implants. With this information it is unsurprising that gummy bear breast implants cost more than traditional implants. However, the increased cost is argued to be worth it due to the preferred results from these breast implants.

Similarly to any type of breast implant, gummy bear implants have their pros and cons. Advantages discussed include maintaining their shape over time with a lessened risk of rippling occurring on the breast. While there are quite a few positives to getting gummy bear breast implants, there are negatives associated as well. Gummy bear implants may require a larger incision as a result of their semi-solid nature and due to their semi-solid filling, gummy bear breast implants are more prone to fracture as well.

All in all, gummy bear implants provide new features as fifth generation breast implants. The best implant for you however may be different. Implant selection is based on many different factors and a discussion with your plastic surgeon about which generation of implants will best suit your aesthetic and functional needs can help you choose what is best for you!

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