Gynecomastia is a condition that results in an overdevelopment of the male breast. It is characterized by excess localized fat, excess glandular tissue development, and excess breast skin. Although less than 1% of breast cancer occurs in males, this disorder can often lead to mental distress, embarrassment, and self-consciousness in men of all ages. It’s important that men dealing with this disorder understand that they are not alone. It affects men of all ages and races, and is often due to genetics, obesity, or hormonal changes. Good candidates for a gynecomastia surgery are men who are physically healthy and whose breast development has stabilized. The best candidates are nonsmokers, non-drug users, and those who do not have any life-threatening illness.

A male breast reduction is a cosmetic procedure that may include liposuction, surgical excision of tissue, or a combination of both, with the aim of reducing breast size in men. Depending on the grade of your gynecomastia (grade 1 – grade 4), your surgeon will determine which approach is right for you. This procedure can provide an effective way to reduce breast size, repair nipple abnormalities and improve overall chest appearance. A male breast reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing the patient to go home in the same day. You will be sent home with dressings or bandages covering your incisions, and a support garment to minimize swelling. Scarring along the incision sites is normal, but will fade and improve over time. While it may take up to 6 months to see your final results, it is common to experience high satisfaction immediately following this surgical treatment.

If you are something who is dealing with gynecomastia, rather than living with the fear of having to remove your shirt at the beach or pool, take control of your life and look into a male breast reduction surgery. Call into the Northwestern Plastic Surgery Clinic and schedule your free consultation with Dr. Kim.