Kybella is the only FDA approved injectable for treatment of submental fat, commonly referred to as a “double chin”. Kybella works by destroying fat cells underneath the chin, resulting in an improved profile. Synthetic deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule in the body, is the active ingredient in Kybella. The fat cells targeted by Kybella injections will no longer be able to store or accumulate fat following treatment. If you are someone who is self-conscious about the fat underneath your chin, but has not seen improved results with exercise and a healthy diet, Kybella might be perfect for you. Ideal candidates for Kybella injections are patients who are unhappy with their current appearance, but do not wish to have surgery. It is important to note that multiple injections of Kybella spaced at least 1 month apart are necessary to see optimal results. Once your aesthetic goal is achieved, no further treatment is expected. Each patient’s individual treatment and injection number will depend on the specific cosmetic goals, as well as the amount of fat under the chin.

Dr. Kim has seen successful results in his patients who received Kybella injections here at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. To view real patient results following Kybella injections, click here.  (Link this to the photos of Kybella in the Cosmetic Facial Gallery)