Breast Reduction for Back Pain

Back pain has long been associated with having large breasts. Studies show that back pain accompanies more than half women with a breast size of DD or larger. While many hours of poor posture or injury from exercise can result in back pain for anyone, women with larger breasts can develop this pain just from the weight of their breasts. So what is the connection between large breasts and back pain? The upper spine supports the rib cage, neck and chest; large breasts mean the upper spine has more weight to support. Women who are self-conscious about the size of their breasts can also slouch in an attempt to minimize the size of their breast which puts strain on the spine and can worsen the effects of large breast. Large breasts not only cause back pain, but also painful indentations from bra straps.

There are several ways to manage back pain caused by large breasts. One simple recommendation is to ensure that you are wearing the proper bra; wearing a bra with the incorrect cup or band size can provide insufficient, resulting in more stress on your body to support your breasts. Women with very large breasts could also consider wearing a sports bra in addition to their normal bra. Furthermore, physical therapy and back strengthening exercise can alleviate some if not all back pain.

If supportive clothing and strengthening exercise are unsuccessful in alleviating back pain then you may consider breast reduction surgery. A breast reduction is often considered the only permanent solution to chronic back pain caused by large breasts. Dr. Kim is a breast expert and has performed many breast reductions. If you are considering a breast reduction due to back pain, he will work closely with you during your consultation visit to answer any questions you have and optimize your results. Please reach out to the phone number in the heading to book your consultation today!