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One of Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. John Kim’s most requested procedures is the “Mommy Makeover,” in which he performs both a breast lift and tummy tuck in the same surgery. A convenient and cost-effective approach to restoring a woman’s shape and confidence, the Chicago Mommy Makeover is an attractive option for many women.

As such, Dr. Kim sought to validate the safety of combining the two procedures into one surgery. Using the TOPS database, 58,756 qualifying cases were identified and analyzed. Results showed that while the complication rate for combined procedures (9.40%) was higher than that of aesthetic breast surgery alone (2.66%), it was not significantly different than the complication rate for tummy tuck alone (9.75%).

The study concluded that combining breast lift and tummy tuck into one surgery does not increase the 30-day complication rate and, therefore, may be considered safe for the majority of patients. The full paper entitled, “Combining Abdominal and Cosmetic Breast Surgery Does Not Increase Short-term Complication Rates: A Comparison of Each Individual Procedure and Pretreatment Risk Stratification Tool” was published in the November edition of Aesthetic Surgery Journal and may be found here: