Questions to ask your plastic surgeon

Breast Augmentation is consistently among the most popular cosmetic procedures according to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons. With numerous influential women in the spotlight such as Kylie Jenner and Alix Earle admitting to getting breast augmentation as well, you may be left wondering about this procedure! It is important to ask questions prior to any surgical procedure so…here are some of our suggested questions to ask before you proceed with your breast augmentation!

  1. Ask About or Review Your Surgeons Background

Prior to your consultation, do your research on your surgeon. Browse their website for qualifying factors such as before and after photos and reviews from prior patients. During your consultation get to know your surgeon. Feel free to ask them questions to make yourself feel comfortable moving forward with the procedure.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) provides credentials so you can be sure your surgeon has completed comprehensive training. To search if your surgeon is ABPS board certified, you can search here.

  1. Ask What Procedures Your Surgeon Offers

Most surgeons will offer an array of procedures and options when it comes to achieving your aesthetic needs. Ask your surgeon if they offer combination procedures to achieve your desired outcome. In most cases surgeons will tailor to your needs. Here are some pointers to be aware of or ask about.

Most commonly breast augmentation uses implants, sometimes in conjunction with a lift.

Breast augmentation incisions can vary based on the surgeon and your desired outcome, be sure to discuss this in your consultation.

Fat transfer to the breasts can be used to further enhance cleavage during a breast augmentation procedure, see if your surgeon offers this if you are interested.

  1. Ask What You Can Expect Before During and After Surgery

Preparing for surgery will require certain protocol to be followed and may vary depending on your pre-existing condition and is something to discuss during your consultation. On the day of surgery, you will have to prepare to go under anesthesia. If you have concerns regarding this, that will be something to discuss with your surgeon prior to your breast augmentation. After surgery, your surgeon will administer a guideline of procedures for you to heal efficiently. Asking about this timeline of recovery is something to discuss prior to your procedure.

  1. Ask About Implants

Breast implants come in various forms. During your consultation it will be very important to ask about what your surgeon offers and have an idea in mind about what you desire. Generally, here is what you will have to consider:

Shape: Round versus tear drop shaped.

Profile (how the implant projects out from the shape): Low, moderate, and high profile.

Size (measured in volume of cc): Implants range from small to large with the largest breast implant on the market at 800cc. Typically women seek breast implants between 300cc and 500cc.

Type (the material they are made of): Implants can be made of silicone or saline.

Placement (where they implants are placed in relation to the pectoral muscle): Breast implants can be placed under (“subpectoral”) or over (“prepectoral”) the pectoralis muscle. Placement of the implant should be discussed with your surgeon prior to your surgery.

  1. Ask About Associated Risks

As always, prior to your surgery it is important to understand the associated risks with undergoing a surgical procedure. Be sure to disclose all prior health-related concerns or conditions so your team can approach your care in a comprehensive manner.

  1. Ask Whatever You Need in Order to Feel Comfortable!

At the end of the day have an open dialogue with your surgeon before getting your breast augmentation. Ask them any other questions or concerns you may have before proceeding.

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