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In the past year or so, a new trend has sprung up among retirees. According to plastic surgeons around the country, more candidates ages 55 and over are filling their offices, seeking cosmetic treatment. Cosmetic surgery has become the newest retirement splurge.

In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that last year, a quarter of all cosmetic surgery patients were ages 55 and older. The most common surgical procedures in the 55+ age range include facelift, forehead lift, ear reshaping, hair transplantation and pectoral implants. (Nose reshaping surgery is also popular amongst all age groups.)

Here, plastic surgeon John Kim explores some of the reasons that retirees are splurging on plastic surgery:

More Time and Resources to Pursue Cosmetic Enhancement

Plastic surgery requires a specific time commitment — not only for the surgery itself, but also for the recovery. Depending on the procedure, the recovery period can last about three to four weeks.

With fewer responsibilities to children and the workplace, retirees have the gift of time. For many retirees, retirement is the perfect time for improving themselves and fulfilling aesthetic goals they’ve set.

Plastic surgery also requires a financial commitment that many retirees are happy to make. After many years of working hard, it’s time for a reward!

Focus on Health and Well-being

Overall, the latest generation of retirees has taken good care of themselves. Health and wellness are priorities; they stay in great physical shape, get regular exercise and follow a healthy diet. The average retiree feels youthful at heart! However, the normal effects of aging can crop up, especially around the face, and throw off the balance between a retiree’s youthful spirit and outward appearance. Retirement is a time for a person to enjoy life and look and feel their best.

In order to look as good as they feel, many retirees are opting for cosmetic procedures to smooth wrinkles, replace lost volume and address other signs of aging. Body contouring procedures are also common to remove excess skin and fat and help clothing fit better.

Want More Confidence

Another reason some retirees pursue plastic surgery is to regain confidence in a new stage of their life. For example, some retirees find themselves back on the dating scene after a divorce or the death of a spouse. For the right candidate, plastic surgery can play a role in boosting confidence, which is an important quality to attract a mate!

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