Aging Around Your Eyes & What to Do About It

Many patients seek plastic surgery for a rejuvenated look. Often times this involves a refresh of the eyes. Our eyes can show signs of aging in numerous ways and determining treatment can be difficult. It is important to first understand what is causing your aged look and then seek treatment for this delicate area of the face. Here are some common signs of aging around the eyes:

Fine lines and wrinkles appear around the eyes due to repeated facial expression as well as loss of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Crow’s feet are fine lines that appear specifically around the corners of your eyes and are caused by the same factors as fine lines and wrinkles but can be exacerbated by smoking and sun exposure. Specific facial expressions such as squinting, blinking, and frowning can cause these to form.

Sagging skin is caused by loss of skin elasticity over time as you age.

Undereye bags form as we age due to a loss of fat under our eyes. Bags can also be caused by excess fluid retention around the eyes and allergies.

Dark circles are caused by numerous factors such as lack of sleep, lack of hydration, excess sun exposure without proper protection, and genetics. A loss of fat under our eyes can also contribute to their appearance.

Puffy eyes are commonly caused by excess fluid retention, allergies, and lack of sleep. Aging and loss of fat round the eyes can contribute to their appearance as well.

So, what can you do about all these signs of aging? In order to maintain a more youthful appearance of your eyes, prevention of skin damage is key. This includes providing your skin with a proper moisture barrier and sun protection daily. Getting plenty of sleep is a key factor to helping your skin repair itself and guide it to a youthful appearance.

When surgical intervention is the next step on your journey to a youthful appearance, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kim will take time to discuss your options. The majority of patients will seek upper and/or lower lid blepharoplasty to rejuvenate their look and reverse their signs of aging. If you’re considering booking a consultation for eye rejuvenation surgery with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kim, please contact our clinic at 312-694-0879 or through the request form in the header.