Compression Garment

After any surgical procedure comes a long list of discharge instructions. Some of which may include: take your medications, rest for a couple days, no exercise etc. Following a plastic surgery procedure it is common to be instructed to compress the area in which you just had surgery. There are multiple reasons as to why your surgeon may suggest this in your post-operative instructions.

First off, wearing compression garments after a surgical procedure will reduce swelling to the area. The body’s normal response after getting surgery is to send fluid to the area but by wearing a compression garment you are actually able to reduce the amount of fluid buildup happening in your body. Overall, reducing this fluid buildup will contribute to an increased level of comfort after your surgery as well.

Another benefit to wearing compression garments post-surgery is to protect the area from accidental trauma, contact, or minor bumps. The goal is to keep the area as safe as possible and an extra layer of protection will do just that. A compression garment will also aid in the contour process as your body is healing to give you optimal aesthetic results. The garment can also help in preventing the appearance of wrinkled skin after body contouring procedures.

The use of a compression garment depends on the procedure and patient. Each body is different and every person recovers at a different rate. Based on your specific procedure, your surgeon and care team will recommend a compression garment where they see fit as well as recommend a duration of wear.

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