trends are ever changing with procedures going in and out of style. Gone are the days of disproportionate breast enhancements, overfilled lips, and fake looking faces. The world of cosmetic procedures have evolved in order to please the new trend of plastic surgery, the natural look. More recently, patients want to maintain their natural look, but with just a few tweaks. Patients increasingly no longer want to look like supermodels but more just like a filtered or photo-shopped version of themselves.

Common plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation, will most likely never go out of style. However, it may be altered to suit this new “tweak-ment” trend by more often using smaller and naturally shaped implants to give the illusion that they are natural. This slight optimization of the breast helps patients feel more confident with only a slight alteration to their natural bodies.

Botox® is also a very common cosmetic procedure that will stay trendy for years to come. In many cases, botox® is associated with a tight, fake looking face. When administered in moderation, botox® can make a patient look years younger while barely altering their natural face. Microbotox is a less is more treatment and involves receiving small doses of botox® more often to keep skin looking young and wrinkle free. Having this little tweak that can be performed in an office setting without a recovery time allows patients increased satisfaction with their only slightly altered natural face.

Facial fillers are another great option for a “tweak-ment” as they restore youthful fullness to the face by softening any creases or wrinkles. Fillers can be compared to a less drastic form of a facelift as it does not require the recovery time that a facelift does. More volume is added to the face to promote a younger look while not removing any existing skin. This simple tweak can give a result similar to a facelift without drastically altering appearance, maintaining the patient’s natural face.

While “tweak-ments” are the new trend in plastic surgery, what is always trendy is whatever treatment works best for you. Whether it is a “tweak-ment” or a bolder treatment, the best treatment is always the one that gives you your desired result.

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