Brow Lift Chicago

As we age, the eyebrows slowly descend towards the eyes causing the upper eyelid skin to bunch and fold. This results in deep frown lines to develop and a low, sagging brow that make us appear much older than we are in reality. When a brow lift is performed, the creases and wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of the noise are reduced to produce a younger appearance. A brow lift is commonly performed in addition to other facial procedures such as a neck lift, face lift, or eyelid surgery.

Making the decision to undergo brow lift surgery is an important decision that should not be made lightly. However, if you are in good physical condition and are realistic about the outcome, a brow lift can be the perfect option to fix a sagging brow and restore a youthful look. This procedure is ideal for younger people who are prematurely aging as a preemptive strike to lessen the risk of developing a severe sagging brow and forehead wrinkles.

If you decide that a brow lift is your best option for facial rejuvenation, you will have a highly personalized consultation with Dr. Kim to customize your treatment plan accordingly. There are two different surgical strategies that Dr. Kim may use to perform your brow lift surgery including an endoscopic brow lift and a coronal brow lift. The endoscopic brow lift is performed with an endoscope and involves creating small, short incisions in the scalp to reposition or remove the muscle and tissue beneath the skin. This technique is less invasive with minimal and concealed scarring with a short recovery time. Often patients can return to their normal workout regime after 2 weeks of healing. The coronal brow lift on the other hand involves a continuous incision across the top of the head. The forehead is lifted and excess tissue is removed allowing the eyebrows to be lifted while still concealing the incision with the hair.

A brow lift can provide a drastic rejuvenation, taking years off your face to look much younger. There are non-surgical options such as botox injections or dermal filler treatments that can also help alleviate forehead wrinkles and a sagging brow but to discuss all these options in detail make an appointment with Dr. John Kim!