Breast auto augmentation surgery is the use of a woman’s own tissue to enhance breast size and shape. There are many woman who desire higher, fuller breasts without having silicone or saline implants. An auto augmentation corrects the issues of excess skin, breast ptosis (sagging), and depleted volume, through the use of a mastopexy (breast lift).

This procedure, performed expertly by Dr. John Kim M.D., is ideal for women who are overall happy with their breast volume, but would like to see a little more fullness and lift. Ptosis occurs naturally as women age, breast feed, or due to weight fluctuations. An auto augmentation can help correct this ptosis without the need for a more invasive surgery.

If you are interested in a very small increase in breast size, fat grafting can be utilized in combination with breast mastopexy. Fat grafting is a technique that allows a patient to decrease unwanted fat in areas with excess such as the abdomen or thighs, while adding volume to areas that need rejuvenation such as the breasts.

This procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia and takes around 2 hours. A modified “lollipop” incision is used, which runs around the perimeter of the areola and vertically down the lower breast to the inframammary crease. Your surgeon will then take breast tissue from the lower breast and create new volume in the upper breast to create more fullness. The breast is then lifted and the nipple-areolar complex is relocated to a higher position on the breast.

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