Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery is a secondary procedure to address a patients change in aesthetic goals or safety concerns following an initial procedure. There can be many different objectives of a breast revision procedure and they all depend on the concerns outlined by the surgeon and patient during the consultation.

Following the placement of implants, one breast revision procedure seen down the line is an implant replacement due to implant rupture or leakage. During this procedure, the old implants are removed, the breast pocket is cleaned, and new intact implants are placed. Implant rupture can occur with both saline and silicone implants. Rupture is more easily detected with saline implants as the implant often becomes deflated but detection by MRI is always recommended to confirm diagnosis.

Breast revision surgery can also address complications such as capsular contracture. This occurs when the body’s immune response to a foreign material causes distortion in the breast shape leading to pain, tightening, and scar tissue in the breast pocket. In a revision surgery to address these concerns, a capsulotomy or capsulectomy with implant removal can be performed.

Over time, if a patient is just not pleased with their results a breast revision surgery can often be performed! During which time implants can be upsized or downsized, a mastopexy can be done, or even a reduction.

Overall, breast revision surgery can address aesthetic goals and complications. Here at Northwestern Plastic Surgery, Dr. John Kim will take time to discuss your options for breast revision surgery based on your needs. If you’re considering booking a consultation for a breast revision surgery with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kim, contact our clinic at 312-694-0879 or through the request form in the header.