What Exactly are Tissue Expanders?

Tissue expanders are exactly what they sound like, they are medical devices that expand tissue. In the context of plastic and reconstructive surgery, tissue expanders more specifically are temporary, empty implants that are placed immediately following a mastectomy.

Types of Nipple Reconstruction Post Mastectomy

There are two kinds of mastectomy: skin-sparing and nipple-sparing. Nipple-sparing, as its name suggests, spares the nipple so no reconstruction is needed. Skin-sparing leaves only skin with which to reconstruct the breasts and therefore some women decide they want to have nipple reconstruction done.

Breast Reconstruction: Knowing Your Options

Breast cancer treatment can be a scary and emotional time for women. Fortunately, breast reconstruction following mastectomy provides an opportunity for women to restore their quality of life and gain back confidence after the breast is removed.

Breast Reconstruction and ADM

Acellular dermal matrices (ADM) were first used in 1994 to treat burns, and their usage has become more extensive including as a tool in breast reconstructions1,2. ADM is an acellular connective tissue graft that provides a scaffold for the patient’s own cells to grow3.

Mammogram After Reconstruction

Mammography is the most common radiographic tool used to identify lesions that may indicate breast cancer. In a comprehensive report by the United States Preventative Services Task Force they found a reduced breast cancer mortality in women who underwent regular mammography screenings1.