The Importance of Compression After Plastic Surgery

After any surgical procedure comes a long list of discharge instructions. Some of which may include: take your medications, rest for a couple days, no exercise etc. Following a plastic surgery procedure it is common to be instructed to compress the area in which you just had surgery.

The Scar Healing Process after Plastic Surgery

Scarring is an inevitable consequence of undergoing surgery. Although initial scarring may be a worry to some patients, the maturation of the scar is what physicians monitor over time to ensure proper healing and aesthetic outcomes.

Combination Cases in Plastic Surgery

A combined plastic surgery case is when multiple procedures occur during one surgical operation. That means one trip to the operating room and multiple cosmetic or non-cosmetic procedures done at once!

The History of Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic surgery started long before the invention of silicone breast implants and other surgeries that we typically think of when we hear plastic surgery. There is evidence that physicians used skin graft techniques in ancient India over 2800 years ago.

Plastic Surgery Trends in the last 5 years

According to ASPS, the number of cosmetic procedures has risen steadily in the past 5 years; in 2015 15.9 million cosmetic procedures were performed and in 2019 18.1 million procedures were performed which constitutes a 2.2 million increase.

Post Plastic Surgery Tips

Many procedures done in plastic surgery can provide permanent results and other procedures can last for years, but there are several tips to maintaining the results for procedures that are not necessarily permanent.

Demystifying the “July Effect” in Plastic Surgery: A Multi-Institutional Study

Dr. Kim’s article entitled “Demystifying the ‘July Effect’ in Plastic Surgery: A Multi-Institutional Study” will be featured in the upcoming February 2018 issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. This article was also hand-selected for the video program “Editor’s Choice: In Their Own Words” which will feature Dr.

Lower Rhytidectomy: Neck Lift

Why should I consider a neck lift?

A lower rhytidectomy, or a neck lift, is a cosmetic procedure that can result in a more youthful appearance of the jawline and neck. Excess fat and sagging skin are to be expected with age,

Broadening Options for Better Outcomes

Dr. Kim and colleagues recently published “Outcomes After Elevation of Serratus Anterior Fascia During  Prosthetic Breast Reconstruction” in the Annals of Plastic Surgery. Immediate prosthetic breast reconstruction is becoming increasingly popular; this approach often involves the placement of an implant below the pectoralis muscle1.